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Dumb Danny wants to hold his digital assets

Hello humans, its Jason  and today I travel the world looking for dumb humans with stories to tell, lets say, I give them a voice to air their views.
Today’s poor poor poor very poor fellow is a Nigerian named Danny, other tribal names withheld to spare our white audience the integrity of their tongues and heavy American accent or British or that small island that they sound British but they are not, you get the point… Over to the interview folks. for this course of the narrative I’m the fellow highlighted in bold.

Dumb Drake

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Daniel .I. Lawrence, graduate of Political science, Nnamdi Azikwe university, Awka, and a Post Graduate student in the same university

Can you skip to the good part?

Well, I’m somehow controversial because of my political views, I’ve been banned from some social media platforms quite often. Facebook is the worst of them all

Can we go to the questions for today


What’s your view on cryptocurrency and your feelings towards it

What I do know about it, is that its a form of digital currency and something you cant hold on to physically. I’d pick money over it day or night. Crypto lacks legality and regulations everybody has the freedom to do what they want. They must me some sort of laws put in place to checkmate this

You do know the whole point of blockchains is about decentralization ?

Yes but there must be some sort of governing authority to … At this point he went on a rant about web 2 and centralization, something I personally hate and of course, that’s not why we are here

What’s your take on NFT’s then, are you a fan of them?

There is nothing special about it, we can end up giving unnecessary value to the things that are not worth it. They are not part of the real economy we need to move funds to more real things

Would you rather own a BoredApe NFT or a CryptoPunk

You might be feeling he went for the NFT, but I’d be damned, Dumb Danny went for the house. His reasons were pretty dumb. Coming from a guy named Dumb Drake… you should know how dumb they were… I’d save you the time and just zoom off.

Do you own any token ?

None… I dont even own a metamask or any crypto wallet app or browser extension

Would you be willing to own one ?

Yes if its free…. Guess someone has never heard of airdrops(heavy evil laughter)

What’s one dumb move you’ve made in life that you are not proud of?

When I was a kid, I was told my dad was dead and I went on praying for him to come back to life. I look back at it now and I realize, that was dumb, really dumb

What is one dumb move that worked for you?

I remember as a kid, I was told in school how Jesus fed 5000 with five loaves of bread and three fishes. That day when I came home and I saw nothing and I prayed to God and it actually worked. I had to give out the food in the end because I was full

Do you want a Dumb CryptoPunk?

Proceeds to show him the image

Does it have any economic value?


I’d pass… I would rather have one which is valued

You can add it to the list of dumb things you’ve done, own an NFT with no value… yet

Guess I’d want one, its not everyday you make mistakes

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