My Dumb pump chasing story

Hi, my name is Luke (Not my real name) and this is my dumb story.

Being a noob in the crypto space, I made a lot of mistakes, and one of them was Chasing Pumps.

During the $XRP lawsuit saga back in 2021, I came across some trends on Twitter which were #xrp, #xrparmy, #xrpcommunity, #sec etc, The trend was about pumping $XRP on a specified day (which I can’t remember now). 

I attended a YouTube live stream, where what was being said was how to pump the $XRP token on that specified date. At that point, the smart guy in me kicked in, I asked myself, what if I buy $XRP before the pump date?( with an evil smile)

And So, I decided to go all in on $XRP before the pump date not knowing that I was practicing the quote that says “Buy the rumor, Sell the news”. And so, $XRP started pumping before the scheduled pump date. 

In those moments, I felt like a Chad, lol….

I was still an undergraduate student during the time of this incident, and I was writing exams during those period. I didn’t like the idea of taking my eyes off the price chart, so I decided to sell all my $XRP before entering the exam hall to write a paper.

After writing my exams, I rushed to check my phone, only to see a very long green candle, $XRP has been going higher in price. In that moment, felt adrenaline/greed rush through me, and the feeling not wanting to miss out came upon me.

I bought and the price pumped higher and sold with good profits

I bought again and the price went higher and sold again with more profits.

The price continued to go higher, so I decided to buy again for the third time, going all in….and that was when a not so close friend of mine snatched my phone….lol

In those few seconds that my phone was in the hands of this dude…I huge red candle took all the profits and part of the capital, feeling so devastated all I could do was curse😂😂

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